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7 April 2023

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The ToolFinder decision tree.

The Restoration Monitoring Tools Guide launched in March 2023 to help restoration practitioners, researchers, and donors: 

  • Find restoration monitoring tools to fit their projects 
  • Learn about critical components of restoration monitoring 
  • See real-world applications of monitoring tools 

The Guide was developed by Climate Focus and World Resources Institute in partnership with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Task Force on Monitoring and members of the Global Restoration Observatory (GRO). 

The central feature of the Guide is the ToolFinder. The ToolFinder enables users to find the appropriate restoration tools for their projects using an interactive decision tree. Whether users are looking for tools to use remotely or in the field; have remote-sensed or ground data; are working in one location or across scales and languages, the ToolFinder will help to find the right tools for the job. 

Visit the Restoration Monitoring Tools Guide to learn more about restoration monitoring and to try the ToolFinder for yourself. 

The Global Restoration Observatory (GRO) is a global network of leading data providers, NGOs and practitioners convening to strengthen capacity, tools and systems used to monitor the restoration of landscapes.

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