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December 22, 2021
Mongabay: Global ecosystem restoration progress: How and who’s tracking it?

In recent years, nature-based climate solutions, which seek to promote and enhance planet Earth’s innate ability to sequester carbon, have increasingly become an important strategy to mitigate global warming.

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June 4, 2021
Forest Declaration: For restoration, coordination is critical. New tools drive effectiveness.

Restoration of forest landscapes is a necessary condition for reaching the Paris Climate Agreement’s 1.5°C global temperature goal. Improvement of monitoring capacity and coordination across restoration initiatives will drive long-term investment and help the realization of its mitigation potentials.

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June 3, 2021
Forbes: How Monitoring Can Spur Investment In Land Restoration

Around the world, 3.2 billion people are affected by degraded landscapes, land that has lost some degree of its natural productivity due to human-caused processes. Restoring these landscapes can improve community resilience and enhance local livelihoods.

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The Global Restoration Observatory (GRO) is a global network of leading data providers, NGOs and practitioners convening to strengthen capacity, tools and systems used to monitor the restoration of landscapes.

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